We are the company manufacture cell phone radiation chip,

Is cellphone tower radiation damaging your health?Ever felt dizzy, fatigued, loss of memory, burning and tingling sensation to your skin, sleep disturbance or even loss of mental attention?You can protect yourself from EMF. RADBLOK is first EMF protection device to not only transmute electromagnetic fields into a harmless state which keeps our body safe, but it also includes:

About Us

Even if you are working in a beauty salon or a life-giving hospital, or you are a distributor of a renowned cell phone company, I am sure you would like to take care of your family members and your customers family members as well – Especially If you find that the product you are using or distributing can be highly harmful to the users. Yes, all the modern electronic gadgets, associated with Wi-Fi can be very dangerous for your family members! HOW? Almost all your modern electronic devices emit EMR (Electro-Magnetic Radiations). These radiations are emitted from various household devices which are made up of Radio Frequencies (RF, Wi-Fi, etc.) and Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF), which are highly harmful to any living being. This EMR is directly emitted from the regular items like laptops, tablets and cell phones, which is surely a cause for concern. We have created one unique product which will not cause any harm to the cell phone users! We have manufactured Radblok! * Our integrated CE certified unique product called as Radblok, which absorbs almost 99% of various types of radiations – RF (radio frequency), extremely low frequency and Thermal Frequencies – emitted by your mobile phone. This plays an important role in reducing the exposure of these rations affecting any human being!

Our Vision

All individuals will use RADBLOK without negative long-term health consequences..


The mission of RADBLOK is to enhance public understanding of wireless technology and products.


Educate People on the effects of mobile radiation

  • Enable People to use wireless products more safely
  • Promote the precautionary principle
  • Facilitate review of the current wireless safety standards

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